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via, July 17, 2014
Hello There...

"Hello there.
Joel Hunter
My name is Joel Hunter, and I wanted to let you know that I really love your Frog and Toad films.
I remember when I first saw the videos when I was like 9 or 10 years old (I'm 24 now); I had just gotten my first library card, and one of the first things I saw was a video of "Frog and Toad Are Friends" and I got it. And shortly after that, I rented "Frog and Toad Together".
I really liked those videos, and I tried in earnest to find them again, but to now avail. That is, until now. :)
Last year, those two videos struck my mind and I decided to try again. So I started on Youtube and found the "Cookies" story from "Frog and Toad Together", and followed the link to your website in the video's description. After seeing the videos (plus the "behind-the-scenes" video), I decided to read the books on a show that I'm currently doing (I added a picture of it) and I'm recommended your website on my show and website to see your work. :)
If you're wondering what my show is, here's the link to it, . Hope you like it, and thank you for making those two wonderful videos! :)
-Joel "

Joel Hunter

via, January 10, 2014
So glad...

"AndreaSo glad you animated the Frog & Toad tales, they are wonderfully done. I remember being impressed the Mouse & Motorcycle series when they came out. Do you know of anyone who wrote a book on their experiences working on the ITV's Wind in the Willows series? Now there's a gem I'd hate to be forgotten. People just don't realize the skills that go into these films... I cried when Cosgrove Hall shut down. Ah well, Happy New Year!"


via, November 17, 2012
Hi there.

"AndreaI have one of your videos with Mousesoup and Uncle Elephant. My kids love it. The other day, my stepson, who is an 8yr old bad comedian, came into the room singing "I'm a clown...... but I'm not funny"... hahahaha. I nearly fell down! That song is awesome; will you please post it on Youtube? Thanks for the awesome videos, the lost parents/grieving scene in that movie is epic, the kids lamp is sure strange, and mama thinks the leaves on the wall of his room are the cannabis. Peace!"


via, September 26, 2012
It's funny...

"AndreaIt's funny that we both play the piano. Here's a photo of me with Mickey Mouse."


via, April 12, 2012
Hello, John C. M.

"How are you! I remember your work when you did "The Mouse & the Motorcycle" series and "Frog & Toad". I grew fascinated by your handy-work, especially with live-action footage. Maybe not only I can do stop motion work, I can also do special effects work and puppet work as well. I think this'll be a swell dream. I may need to practice stop motion, though. Thanks for everything!



via, March 12, 2012

"Mr. Matthews, it is a honor to write you sir. I've been a fan of your work since I was small, especially your Curious George and Ralph the Mouse films. Words cannot express the joy these films brought into my life growing up, but I just wanted to say, thank your Mr. Matthews, for all the work you do.

P.S. That's me on the right in the photo."


via, February 12, 2012
Hi John -

"Steve & Carol MatthewsI just found your website. Very nice! I especially liked reading viewer feedback. Your work has had alot of positive impact on people (except for the poor kid who was scared by the Curious George film)."

Nice job

via, September 12, 2011
Dear Mr. Matthews,

"AustinDo you sell your DVD's? My 3 year old grandson loves Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. This is Austin."

Thank you,

via, June 08, 2011
I am 23 years old, but I love your work...

"JoeI am 23 years old, but I love your work. :)

I love all your children's films. Morris, Mouse Soup, Uncle Elephant, love them all."

Joe Velazquez

via, May 15, 2011
Mercedes Guerin-Spell and friend

"Mercedes Guerin-Spell and friendThis is Bruce."

Mercedes Guerin-Spell and friend

via, March 23, 2011
Hurray! We found you.

"KidsOne of our ten year old daughters was trying to get me to sing "Got a Boo Boo..." from memory, and well, memory is just gone! So glad to find this and all of the other shorts from the Frog and Toad VHS that our family of 7 has worn out! What great material and great memories. We shall have to investigate your site much more. Keep up the wonderful work!

P.S. The picture is a good five years old, but it was handy!"

Mama B

via, January 14, 2011
Thank you so much for posting them on Youtube...

"I would just like to say that when my girls were young (they are now in their 20s) I had found your, then vhs, movie short of Stanley and the dinosaurs and I loved it back then and now in our 50s we still love it and the music. I am so happy to see that it is on Youtube so we can still enjoy it. My husband is a songwriter and we live in Tennessee and just love the words to the songs and are so funny we get a kick out of them. Thank you so much for posting them on Youtube and will be watching Stanley and much more in the coming days. You have great talent and I know that doing what you have done, stop-motion, is time consuming but so worth it."

"God Bless!"

Valerie Durgin

via, January 05, 2011
Who will bell the cats?

"I love your work. I'm a children's book writer and illustrator. I'm very interested in stop-motion animation, but I don't know how to do it.

I create 3-D sets, puppets, and paperdolls."

But Who Will Bell The Cats?


Cynthia von Buhler

via, July 29, 2010
I liked Frog and Toad

"Henriette ClassroomMy five year old son, Bob, wants to say "I liked Frog and Toad".

My four year old daughter, Becca, shouts "Frog and Toad ARE FLYING!" My almost two year old son, Ed, says nothing and eats a marshmallow cone. But he liked Frog and Toad also. And I liked it also, as it reminded me of my days as apprentice to a National Film Board animator, with a Bolex and stand and two very hot lights, in a dark room. Keep up the great work!"

Nate and Rounds Family Kid

via, July 08, 2010
Hungarian Fan

"I am a hungarian girl. 23 years old. When I was a child i saw The Mouse and the motorcycle many times. I would like to thank you this film. It is a very funny and lovely film. The characters are perfect. Have a nice day.


Thank you for the sweet message. Attached, a picture of my wife and me on a recent hike in the Superstitious Mountains in Arizona. We're curious about who you are and where you live. If it's not too much trouble, we would love to see a picture of you in Hungary.

We get mail from all over the world. I'm making a collection for my web site. Perhaps you would like to be included.

Thanks again,
John C. Matthews


Dear John,
Thanks for a letter. I attached a photo about me. I live in Debrecen, in the East of Hungary, but the photo was made in Sárospatak."

Best regards,

via, February 07, 2010
Dear Mr. Matthews

"Thank you so very much for your donation of your wonderful claymation videos to our classroom.Kids We completed Frog and Toad Are Friends last week, we read one chapter a week, and we just finished watching the movie this past Friday. It was great! The kids really enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed how your movie was true to the book. Word for word! The children noticed that.

As I mentioned in my first letter, my intentions were to use the book to encourage my struggling readers to read simple chapter books. About 2 weeks into our reading of Frog and Toad Are Friends, I noticed some of those students began to select simple chapter books during our library visits. After we watched the movie this Friday, they all wanted to select chapter books! This experience has truly shown them that they can read!

Thank you for your kindness and consideration of our need. As I mentioned in my letter, we are a critical need school in the Delta Region of Mississippi.Kids As you may well know Mississippi is the poorest state in the union, and the Delta Region is the poorest part of Mississippi. Therefore, your donation is being utilized in an area where the fight against illiteracy is a tough one. Many of my students come from illiterate homes, but their willingness to lean and their excitement when they grasp a concept make my hard job a labor of love.

Lastly, my students felt so special to receive the videos. Knowing that the creator of these claymation masterpieces took the time out of his busy schedule to assist us with reading was a real morale booster. It was an experience they shared with their friends in other classrooms. I've already had requests by other teachers to borrow the books and videos. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you."

Mrs. McGowan

via, January 27, 2010
Dear John,

"Henriette KidsThank you so much for the DVD which arrived today. The children are watching it just now As you can see. They are so happy with it and will surely want to answer you."

Thanks again,

via, November 15, 2009
Dear Mr Matthews,

"My name is Henriette and I'm a teacher for primary schools here in Germany.

Henriette ClassroomSince my brother gave the book ”Frog and Toad” to one of my own children, I'm a real fan of the two friends. So I had my children at school all bought the book by their parents, we worked on it for weeks and I also bought the puppets of Frog and Toad. I just love them, same like you seem to... ;-)

When I coincidentally found your wonderful Frog-and-Toad-films on YouTube, I was SO happy!!! You won't believe how exited I was about your films, and also my children at home were fascinated.

I want to send you a BIIIIIIG THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this wonderful work!

Tomorrow at school I will show some of the films to my class (7 and 8 year old children), and although they won't understand a word in English, I'm sure they will enjoy it very, very much. Regards from Germany and thank you again!"


Curious George

via Amazon, June 17, 2005
VERY cute!

"I forgot how cute he is! These are such clean, upbeat shorts. It's hard to find something like this nowadays. I find that even *I* enjoy watching them, even though they're meant for kids. When I'm home sick, I pull out the tape and curl up on the couch."

T. Alexander "80's child"

via Amazon, November 15, 2004
See the world through George's eyes

"John Matthews created a masterpiece with each painstakingly-shot frame of this beautiful movie taken directly from two of the most popular Curious George books. Any parent or teacher who has read the original "Curious George" or "Curious George Goes To The Hospital" will notice the text virtually unchanged (except for parts that are plainly shown and thus do not have to be told) and the scenery so accurately rendered down to tiny details (the furniture in The Man With The Yellow Hat's house, a sign on the wall in the hospital, George's yellow bed, etc.). Matthews proves his extraordinary patience with the gorgeous and smooth clay-animation that he uses to tell these stories. The lovely soundtrack is also notable, containing lovely themes played mainly on strings, and composed by Matthews as well. All the elements combine to create a charming and fast-moving story to delight kind souls of all ages.

George himself has never looked better (or more cute) than in this movie. Though he is a small, furry monkey, he reminds us of a toddler-- which is a good description of his mentality. His curiosity is always leading him into trouble, but there is no hint of badness or malice in him at all. He is so innocent, good, and loving. When George cries, you just want to cry along with him.

My sisters and I first watched this on HBO in the 80's. We taped it and it was a favorite of ours until our father taped over it one day and for a long time we had no idea how to find it again. Now the advance of the internet has made it available once more. I can't adequately describe the joy I've gotten from this movie, but I can say that it harkens back to a simpler time in the same way that "Little House on the Prairie" or "Anne of Green Gables" does, if you are a fan of those works. It's something to reaffirm your faith in the world, and the good of people. It's something to turn on when you've had too much of modern video games and violent cartoons. George has been removed from his jungle paradise to our "civilized" but often chaotic world, and his triumph is that he doesn't let it corrupt him. In a way we all face the same journey of starting out fresh from birth, enduring the trials and mistakes that come with life, and getting through with the help of our loved ones and the goodness of our own character.

You can think I'm making too much of a simple claymation video, but this is something very special to me. I am so glad that I have a daughter now to share this unique piece of art with. I hope the world will give Matthews many chances to display his talents."

tamajinn "tamajinn"

via Amazon, December 05, 2003
Cute Classic Storybook Collection

"CURIOUS GEORGE GOES TO THE HOSPITAL: When everyone's favorite little curious money, George, opens up a jigsaw puzzle, and swallows a piece of it thinking that it's candy, the man with the yellow hat rushes him to the hospital for an operation. There George meets all different children, who are sick, and one child in particular, named Betsy, who is always sad. During his short stay at the hospital, George manages to not only cause all kinds of trouble, but also makes some life-long friends, and cheers some of the most unlikely children up. 5 stars.
MOUSE SOUP: When a little mouse finds that he will soon be the main entree for the dinner of a hungry weasel, he realizes that he needs to find a way to save himself from untimely death, and so begins telling the weasel a comical tale about the best seasoning for soup, confusing the weasel, and saving himself at the same time. 5 stars.

UNCLE ELEPHANT: When his mother and father vanish during a sailing trip, Arnie the elephant knows that he will never be happy again. That is, until Uncle Elephant gets involved, and cheers Arnie up with crazy sing-alongs, and hilarious comedy acts. Soon, before Arnie even realizes it, his mother and father are back, rescued, and are serenaded by him and Uncle Elephant. 5 stars.

When I originally purchased this video I thought that it only featured CURIOUS GEORGE GOES TO THE HOSPITAL. Boy was I surprised to see that MOUSE SOUP and UNCLE ELEPHANT were also featured on it. Each short film features a lesson for the viewer (i.e. going to the hospital isn't as bad as it seems, no matter how sad something seems, you'll be happy again soon, etc.), as well as tons of comedic acts that children will relish in. A must-have video for your collection."

Erika Sorocco

via Amazon, October 09, 2003
Politically incorrect, but wonderful

"Both the classic Curious george books and the original Babar story are complete politically incorrect, but generations of kids have loved them anyway. Maybe Bruno Betelheim's theories about why kids connect with violent fairy tales are true. Anyway, George is abducted from the forest, but that's the way the original book went, and our kids have always been okay with it. The claymation-style animation is wonderful, too."

Margaret L. Young

via Amazon, May 19, 2002
Just a little politically incorrect...

"After a smash hit with Curious George goes to the Hospital, we decided to get this for my 3.5 year old. We were shocked! George is abducted by the man with the yellow hat (is actually shown shackled in a bag), nearly drowns while falling off the ship catching seaguls (is shown gasping for air underwater), then is confronted by very angry firefighters after experimentally making a phone call that results in a false alarm. The final shocker is George being thrown in jail and desparately trying to get out which finally results in his crying. This was little too much for our 3.5 year old..."


via Amazon, April 12, 2002
Claymation lives again!

"We got this video a couple of years ago at a small town [retail store] Maine. We really needed something to pacify our daughter, who was 2 at the time...and on a long, arduous vacation trip (well, arduous for her parents!). If it is the same video, it also includes a couple of other claymation shorts -- one about a mouse with Buddy Hackett as the narrator(!), and one about an Elephant who loses his parents (kind of heavy for a 2 year old, but I don't think she really understood what was going on). Anyway, in this age of computer graphics and dazzling special effects, it is kind of nice to see the old claymation, again. The story about George stays right to the story line in the book, pretty much. George and his mishaps in the hospital save the day for little, sad Betsy and the rest of the kids. As usual, George suffers no consequenses for his actions, but -- hey, he's only a monkey! It is worth buying for the George story alone, which in my opinion is the best one of the lot. Hopefully, this video has the following two stories, too...which are kind of quirky, and a little bit gloomy. The mouse video features two singing rocks, singing ants, a strange mouse that somehow gets a bee's nest stuck on his head, and of course, the irrepressible (or irritating, depending on your point of view) Buddy Hackett. On the elephant feature, except that his parents are lost at sea (they do eventually return)...and this elephant is orphaned is a good story about appreciating what you have, and listening to your parents. The two non-George stories are kind of off-beat, and not what kids are used to seeing today. But, my daughter loved them all the same. With all three features, this video runs about an hour."


via Amazon, February 19, 2002
To learn English

"We have lead some "curious george" in japanese with my kids. George is famous for japanese children too.So I tried to watch the video. It was great!.It became one of our favorite videos .George is so cute!!"


via Amazon, August 19, 2000
A must-have for any Curious George fan

"Too many kids' videos are absolutely unbearable for parents to watch, and too many adaptations of classic picture books fail to capture the charm and style of the original. Thankfully, this video succeeds in both respects. The video contains two Curious George segments, the first based on "Curious George" and the second "Curious George Goes to the Hospital." Both are done in a kind of "claymation" animation, which makes the characters truly come alive. The video also manages to portray that 50s sensibility and style that the books have, with scenes that are so true to the picture books, they look as if your book came to life. The background music is also extremely well-done, mainly classical music that perfectly suits the action. The voices are easy to listen to and exactly fit the characters, and the words/narration are taken nearly verbatim from the books' text - perfect for a Curious George purist. (The video also contains 4 other segments (2 Frog & Toad and 2 moose) which my son rarely watches but which are also exceptionally well done and which make this a lot of video for the money.) High quality, charming, cute, funny, very watchable (even for parents), stylish, not condescending or dumbed down - what more could you ask for in a kids' vid?"


via Amazon, August 14, 2000
Not just George! Also Frog and Toad (and Morris the Moose)

"After seeing John Matthews' "Frog and Toad are Friends" my daughter became hooked and we got the Arnold Lobel books for her. Then I sought out the tape as we had one on loan from the library. Imagine my surprise to learn John not only did another Frog and Toad movie but also Curious George. This tape has 2 George segments (the original and "CG goes to the Hospital"), two Morris the Moose segments ("MM goes to school" and "MM gets sick") and two Frog and Toads ("Frog & Toad Together" and "Frog & Toad Are Friends"). As a bonus, there is a behind the scenes making of "F&T are Friends". I think the "F&T are Friends" is the best of the lot--both the voices and the stories. Well worth it and over an hour and half long to boot!"


via Amazon, March 21, 2000
Adventures of Curious George - excellent

"This is an exceptional video for children. I highly recommend it for all ages!"


Frog and Toad are Friends

via Amazon, July 24, 2007
Great Stories! Available on the classic curious george DVD

"These are cute stories and the claymation charming (ie - not slick by today's standards). We got these stories on the 65th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD double feature includes "Curious George Comes To America", and "Curious George Goes to The Hospital". The DVD also comes with a long list of special features including bonus episodes of "Frog and Toad Together", "Frog and Toad are Friends", "Mouse Soup", and "Morris Has A Cold". The so-called extras are really good."

KK "Pop-up book lover"

via Amazon, May 20, 2006
Yes, you can still get Frog and Toad - read on!

"Hey - those of you who are sad that this DVD is not available, I have some great news. "Frog and Toad are Friends" and "Frog and Toad Together" are both included on a couple of Curious George DVDs. Check out "Curious George Comes to America" or "Curious George (Collector's Edition)". The collector's edition has all the same shows as "C.G. Comes to America", plus it has a few more, so it's actually a better deal. Hope this helps someone."

A Kid's Review

via Amazon, December 12, 2005
Are You Looking For Frog and Toad on DVD?

"I remember watching these cute claymation videos as a child and wanted desperately to get it for my own children. After hours of research and disappointment that it has been discontinued, I had a breakthrough. The director who made these claymation videos (john matthews)also made others, most notably Curious George. You can buy from Amazon the DVD Curious George Comes to America and it also has on it both Frog and Toad Together and Frog and Toad are Friends. I was so happy to have made this discovery. I hope this helps others who are looking for it also."

Mom to 3 Girls

via Amazon, April 20, 2005
Frog and Toad are Great Friends!

"We borrowed this at the library and wanted to have a copy for our own and arrggh!--it's not available. Bummer.

Everything everyone wrote (and with my review this would be 8 votes of 5 stars) is true. The animation *is* done with older technology, but it is made with such love and attention to detail that it is timeless.

My children, boy and girl (3 and 5) just adore this video. My five year old even watchs the John Matthews/director's segment, on how the animation was done, over and over.

If you like our two amphibian friends, and you can find this video, buy it. It is top notch fun.

Pam T~"

Pam Tee

via Amazon, April 19, 2004
I haven't seen this one but...

"I don't think I've seen this one but I had a few taped from either HBO or showtime when I was little. I'm trying to find the episode where one of them lost there button, and went around asking "have you seen my button." It sounds lame but it is cool if your a little kid. All I know is that I liked watching frog and toad and they need to make at least a couple more available."


via Amazon, July 13, 2001
Just like the books

"This is a wonderful video that follows the original "Frog and Toad" storylines closely. I have a three year-old son who loved all the books and now loves the video as well. Some points: 1. it is early claymation. 2. frog and toad have great voices. 3. there is no violence; just the wonderful friendship between frog and toad."


via Amazon, May 09, 2001
This movie is very true to the book

"My husband loved this book as a child, and loves to read it to our own children. When I first popped this video in, they were all delighted! It's true that it's a shortmovie, but it is totally charming. All of the kids, from the 10-year-old to the 2-year-old, and the "big" kids (my husband and I) are captivated when it comes on. My copy even includes a "how it was done" segment that is almost as funny as the stories themselves. If you like the book, you will be glad to see the video."

Michele S "Mom of 6"

via Amazon, September 24, 2000
A very clever video.

"This is a short video which is early claymation, but still very good quality. It is short, comprised of three stories. It is very professional and discerning parents (and librarians) should appreciate it. This is one of my kids' favorites."

Ross C Prather

via Amazon, September 20, 2000
Fun, intelligent stories for young children

"The Frog and Toad vignettes are true to the books. The animation is great - these characters really come alive. It is short, but then is followed by a great bonus - a series of songs acted out and sung by different characters (not Frog and Toad). Our whole family sings them."


via Amazon, July 23, 2000
Great movie, just like the books

"Only thing bad is that it is only 15 mins long! My daughter LOVES this tape. We watch it over and over again. Great fun. Toad is hilarious."


via Amazon, June 14, 1999

"This and the companion video are both so spectacular they must be made available again. Anyone I have shared this video with (along with any John Matthews video) immediately wants one. John Matthews, wherever you are, we need your tapes to become available once more!!!!!!"


via Amazon, May 31, 1999
Animated short stories of friendship between a frog and toad

"I am a teacher and have shown this video to many classes. It is a collection of Arnold Lobel's short stories retold in clay figures. It also has wonderful songs at the end that are full of lively beats and funny lyrics. I loaned the video and it has never been returned. It is a great loss and I hope that Matthews will release it again. It is worth a place in your video library."


via Amazon, May 09, 1999
The most wonderful animation video I've seen

"My two kids, my wife and I, the whole family enjoy this video very very much. My wife recorded it from local cable station. My kids watch it over and over again. I am 40, watched the vedio with them over and over, felt the same feeling with my kids. We tried all possible measures to find the tape and still can't get it. It really upset us that it is not currently available."


via Amazon, May 02, 1999
Sweet, companionable, intimate, happy

"I simply loved this stop-action animation when PBS broadcast it. I was over 25 then but still I taped the two little films and viewed them repeatedly. I am quite upset that they are not currently available. I gave my tape to relatives years ago.
If you have read the books you know that they are made of short, little episodes about the lives of two emotionally committed amphibians, two friends, who find it necessary to confront some of life's serious dilemmmas together. For example, how do you manage to share a basketful of cookies that are simply VERY good; or how do you cope with the loss of a button from a beloved coat. The solutions that these two bright and compassionate characters come up with are surprising and compelling.

I have read the book, but as much as I have enjoyed and loved other readings of Arnold Lobel's authorship, it was through the film that Frog and Toad became my friends. Their personalities are so beautifully resolved in this film and the musical parts are actually audible. Delightfully so."


Mouse Soup

via Amazon, May 10, 2001
Great Children's Video

"This is a wonderful children's video. The story captivates young and old alike and although the claymation is not smooth, it does provide a good visual. The songs are a nice touch to the story. I would like to get a personal copy of this video."

Bruce Savage

via Amazon, May 07, 1998
Claymation at it's Best!

"This Claymation - Stop-motion video is among the best available. My kids loved it and I laughed all through it. The Lobel stories come alive and the songs (especially the bees and the crickets) will entertain all ages. END"


Ralph S. Mouse

via Amazon, September 30, 2007

"There are too many mice at the Mountain View Inn, so Ralph must leave. He persuades his friend Ryan to take him to school. Ryan is a boy, where when arriving at school the fun begins and the danger. This rollicking adventure will capture children of all ages. Books come alive. Ralph is truly a mouse for everyone to enjoy."

Teacher "Opinion"

Runaway Ralph

via Amazon, December 22, 2008
Runaway Ralph

"they don't make them like this any more, the kids love ralph and so do i."

Michele Kay Fleming

via Amazon, May 19, 2007

"Ralph is back! John Clark Matthews is amazing. This movie was hilarious! I remember some funny lines. Ralph: I thought I gave you a ride. I did, didn't I? [later] Uncle Lester: Ralph you're grounded!

Ralph: But I did wat you said. Uncle Lester: Did what I said, but I didn't say to do that!

Fred Savage was cool for Garfield, and Conchata Ferrel was funny for Aunt Jill. Kellie Martin who played Karen was amazing, and Sara Gilbert and Summer Phoenix who were Stephanie and Vanessa were great. Walker Edmiston was sssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo good and scary for Catso. I've seen Walker in other movies, but not Edan Gross who was the artful Merton. Oh, yeah, another funny line. Ralph: That Catso cat needs a lesson, that I'm going to teach him! Also, Anne Bloom and Bruce French were great parents and were supportive to Garfield. Hal Smith was funny, and Ray Waltson was a joker. Matt is always funny. Corey Burton who played Chum was funny too. One last funny line, Ralph: Oh, Chum, go chew on a pellet! Elon who played Jonathan was good too. Also, June, the mouse was funny, June: He's selfish! Jason: Yeah, he never gives us rides!


A Kid's Review

via Amazon, August 06, 2005
Pleasing for adults and children...

"This film is pleasing for both adults and children alike. My grandchildren love it, and so do I."

Penny Schlickman

via Amazon, July 05, 2005
Ralph's Big Adventures

"We read The Mouse and the Motorcycle & Runaway Ralph every year in my class. I usually have to rent the movies. This year they no longer had them at the video stores. I was so happy to find them on Amazon. My class just loves them. They are not exactly like the books but they are very close. The mouse is very cute riding on the little cycle. Sweet , clean movie where the kids must pay attention to the story. Nothing gross or hyper like movies these days. A little old fashion. They love it and so do I. It's a great way to end a Ralph unit."

Teacher Jen

via Amazon, February 19, 2005
Better than Ralph S Mouse!

"Dear Future Viewers of Runaway Ralph,
If you have already read RALPH S MOUSE then read Runaway Ralph.Once you read it, WATCH IT!
You'll see a big difference!"

Joseph Fronckowiak

via Amazon, May 11, 2002
The Mouse and the Motorcycle 2!

"Hi, people! If you liked the TV special The Mouse and the Motorcycle(1986), yu'll really like this 1988 TV special! They were both based on novels written by Beverly Cleary, a children's author. It's about a mouse named Ralph who runs away from home on his toy motorcycle, and stops at a summer camp. There, he meets a lonely boy named Garfield (Fred Savage, later of "The Wonder Years") and they become friends. Well, I don't want to spoil it, so this is all I'm going to tell you about the story.
This film was originally aired on ABC in 1988, and, aside from cheap animation, is GREAT! Ya just gotta get it! And, in addition to this movie, get Mouse and the Motorcycle too. They are two excellent movies for all ages."

David B. Jones

via Amazon, December 25, 1998
They don't get any better than this

"This classic needs to be in every video library. Children of all ages will find this movie irresistable. I'm ordering my 4th copy because friends and family have a cute way of begging my copy away from me and ironically, I have no children. When guests come over, a guaranteed way to capture the attention of their unruly children is to put this in the VCR. It usually captures the attention of the adults too. Unfortunately, the film is only 45 minutes long."


via Amazon, February 09, 1998
I like Runaway Ralph because I like animal books.

"Dear Beverly Cleary, I just read Runaway Ralph. I loved the book a lot. My favorite part was when Ralph met Chun because Ralph asksed Chum what kind of animal he was. I am going to ask you a couple of questions-OK? Why did you want to write so many books? Which of your books do you like the best? When you were little is this what you wanted to do? Please answer my questions. Sincerely, Sarah Teixeira END"

Sarah Teixeira

via Amazon, December 14, 1997
Very good

"The mouse on the motor cycle is kickin butt on his motor cycle he's trying to get back to his home but in the process he gets cought and put in a cage thats all for now END."

Stanley and the Dinosaurs

via Amazon, January 18, 2004
Stanley: The Unforgettable Neanderthal...

"Talk about a classic! This caveman turns ten years old on January 26'th, and he has been remembered in my home for over 10 years although my family only saw it ONCE. A "clay-mation" masterpiece, the film makes delightfully humorous use of the process... Not only entertaining for children, this film can be watched again and again by the whole family and is as morally sound as it is memorable."


The Mouse and the Motorcycle

via Amazon, December 03, 2007
Fantastic for kids -- and probably adults too!

"I watched this movie many times as a kid (for some reason, it was on early Saturday mornings a bunch of times), and I *loved* it. I just remembered it now for some reason, and had to look it up! It's a classic, and I highly recommend it."

S. Gilbertson

via Amazon, June 11, 2007
Mouse and the Motorcycle

"I saw this movie as a child in the ABC Specials too... now my 7 year old just finished reading the book and when I told him I saw the movie he couldn't wait to see it too! We looked all over for the DVD since I do not own a VCR but we can not find it on DVD anywhere, he was disappointed but i don't want to buy a VCR just for this one movie! If anyone knows if there is a DVD version out there let us know!!!! Please."

S. Batista "Zandy"

via Amazon, June 25, 2003
A Cute Tale

"A cute tale about a young boy staying overnight at a motel with his parents, when he meets a furry little friend who resides inside the wall of his motel room. The boy and mouse help one another out in nice ways, making the stay enjoyable for both boy and mouse. Only the mouse and his family are animated in this film. Very good actors perform in the film, some of which are familar faces. My 8-year-old son enjoyed the movie, but my 10-year-old daughter was somewhat bored. The only qualm I had was I thought the voice of the mouse sounded somewhat overly "cutesy", borderline corny. The boy's voice was more mature than the mouse's. Overall, a nice family show for viewing with younger children."

Mystery Secret Shopper

via Amazon, July 27, 2002

"The Mouse & The Motorcycle is funny, but I did hear of the book, why I wonder if there are mice that can ride motorcycles, since Stuart Little could ride a toy car."

Chiedu Ufoegbune "Chiedu"

via Amazon, May 08, 2002
The Mouse From a Book now in a TV Movie

"Hey kids! This 1986 television special, which was based on a best-selling novel, and also had two following movies: Ralph S. Mouse(1987) and Runaway Ralph(1988), also based on novels, is a great film. The animation is kind of cheap, but it is funny in most of it, and is a great family story. Talk your parents into getting it along with the other 2. You'll luv 'em!"

Steven P. Jones

via Amazon, August 12, 2001
The Mouse and the Motorcycle

"I like when the mouse goes on the toy ambulance. Also, I like when the mouse rides the motorcycle. That's why I love this movie!"


via Amazon, January 25, 2000
Adorable for Young and Old Alike!

"First time I saw this film on a local public television station I sat enthralled. What clever and enjoyable entertainment! The little mouse is precious and the adventures he finds his way into and out of will keep both youngsters and "older" kids laughing throughout."


via Amazon, January 22, 1999
This movie captivated my 3 year old nephew!

"I saw this movie on television as a child and loved it. I was thrilled to be able to share it with the children in my family and even in this age of high tech productions, the kids loved it! My three year old energetic nephew even sat down to watch. I was amazed. Later, he asked me to get him a copy for his house. I'd recommend this movie as a great family entertainment. Of course there is the proverbial "bad guy" in the form of a cat, but by today's standards he's not so bad."